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Who, Why, What, Where

     We are a full service, full variety photography studio. Our studio is located in Rio Rancho, 528 and southern. Offering traditional photo shoots for Families,  weddings,  Newborns  and  pets. With  strong  team, we  are  able to provide a wide range of services outside of the studio as well. Give us a call and I am sure we can help you out no matter what the needs may be!
     Who is Dark Flash??? Well, starting about 10 years ago, Dark Flash was just a  small community  photographer (Alex).  Over the  years I have  built up the  business,  re-investing  along  the  way,  which  has  allowed  us to become who we are today. While each photographer has their own specialty, our goal is always to think about the person on the other side of the lens and not just capture a photo, but capture so much more. Each photographer is  personally  trained  by  Alex  Fullam  to  insure  that  our  high  standards, attention to detail and most importantly, you are satisfied with your memories.
     Why the name? Well, there are two answers, The first was when we had two different specialties, Family and experimental. Over the years, these  disciplines  started  converging  into one entity, so we choose the name   Dark  Flash   as our  primary  name,  the  definition being  "Capturing more than just a picture,  the meaning, the moment and soul." The second answer is our creative side. While we are great at traditional photography, we also love our creative and artistic side. One such case is Alex's love for storm Photography. Award winning but very humble about his work, this represents the true roots of Dark Flash, and the name fits. Check out some of our work and you will understand. :)