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Welcome to my website, this is a personal site that I use for quick links, reference and as a place to display some of my work. If you are reading this, please be aware this was not created just for viewing by others and is often used for my own personal amusement and projects, but feel free to look around.

Who am I? Well, to but it bluntly, that is what I am always trying to figure out. Peace and love are the core of my soul and I long to trust everyone I come across. Paralyzed by my social fears, I conquer my ambitions to flee as a daily routine, winning some and loosing others. My ultimate goal in life is to help others and prove that one person can indeed make a difference in this world.

About WileyWolf - Alex Fullam

Never satisfied enough with being content, I am always passionatly seeking new chalenges that can help humanity in some way while honing my skills as a creative geek. I may not have the greatest art sketches but what some can do with a brush, I like to think I can do with technology. Always pushing the limits, I strive to never be stuck in my own ways and always keep an open mind.

I am so blessed to have the family that I do, and I wake each morning thankful for what I have. Professional or personal, I am the type of person that always finds the silver lining in every situation and I hope that never changes. My primary creative outlets include Photography, Programming, Woodwork, Art and Storm Chasing.

WileyWolf Coding

Almost all of my projects start the same way, Find a need and fix it. Ethical programmer is what I concider myself, hardly ever taking on a job that eliminates jobs but instead keeps the same resource count but increases sales, service and support.

There really is no project too small or big. From consolidating global network resources of fortune 500 companies to a local hairdresser, I address each one with the inquitiviness and passion of a child at times. Looking forward to creating something that I can be proud of and that my client is speachless with delight. Focusing on Website Application Development at the molment, I am not set on any particular language or method.

WileyWolf Photography

While I do have a creative side with computer programming, my primary hobby, at times taking front stage above everything else is photography. My single belief is that any situation can be seen as beautiful if given the right perspective and photography allows me the ability to show just that. Whether teaching or behind the lens myself, I am always looking for new ways to show new perspectives.

Want to see some of my work? You can click HERE to take a peak.

Alex Fullam's Professional Resume

Alex S Fullam

Experienced senior level information technology Engineer, with over 15 years of hands on experience in data analytics, hardware, software and team management. With a continued focus to provide exceptional quality of work and task management I bring a diverse background of skills including systems engineering, programming, hardware and software support in most disciplines and a full range of criticality. I excel in high pressure situations, am not afraid of change, and maintain remarkable work ethics in a team or unaided.

Primary Skill Set

Server Applications: IIS, VPN, Apache, BI, Heat, Nagios

Database Administration: Cache, DB2, Microsoft SQL, MySql, Access

Server Virtualization: VMware, Hyper-V, and PowerVM

Systems Engineering: Cross platform Software and hardware integration

Network Engineering: VPN, Firewall, Load Balancing, Cloud, QOS, VOIP

Data mining and analytics using direct SQL queries or Business Intelligence methods

Data storage expertise on cost based storage solutions for sensitive information

Custom and out-of-box application development in multiple languages

Expert troubleshooting skills with known and unknown technology solutions.

Systems Administration: Windows / Linux installations (Client and Server)

Programming Languages: CGI, PHP, SQL, HTML, .NET, Python, Ajax, java, Arduino


POD Inc. (Indian Health Service) – Albuquerque, NM       09/2012 to Present
Team Lead / Systems Administrator and  Applications Engineer

Provide technical solutions, support and recommendations that conform to rigorous government requirements regarding data analytics and confidential patient data handling which is used for sanitized and un-sanitized data analysis, including data conversion, storage and trends using pattern matching and manual data mining. It is also my responsibility to oversee licensing requirements, systems interoperability, engineering/programming custom software solutions and maintaining strict project timelines. Secondary duties include tracking customer requests; develop proactive system monitoring and corporate dashboard health solutions while ensuring high customer support.

  • Systems Administration / Engineering

  • Administration of IHS Datacenter (Windows / Linux / AIX)

  • Systems Maintenance, upgrades, and health reports (Nagios, Tivoli)

  • 3rd level customer support for server and client software

  • Practical planning / reporting for current capacity and future growth

  • Shared security officer duties including monitoring and reporting

  • Data Analysis

  • Data storage and systems administration for multiple database types

  • Application engineering for custom data mining and reporting systems

  • 3rd level support for database query requests and complex reporting

  • Uphold strict confidentiality requirements for sensitive data

  • Business intelligence systems Administration

  • Analysis, determination and deployment of new and updated technology’s

  • Application Management and Development

  • Developed national statistical analysis system for multiple government projects (Providing instant patient data entry and analysis of critical systems)

  • Created numerous applications to provide ongoing ad-hoc reporting

  • Developed multiple data collection and mirroring systems for historical use    


Intel Corporation / Rio Rancho, NM       06/2007 to 09/2012
Global Networking Engineer – Data Center Network Utility

Responsible for Site and Global network engineering, deployment, operation and change management. Determination of current and future business needs while maintaining 100% Uptime. Managed and deployed changes while monitoring capacity management and upholding outstanding customer support and communication. Hardware support included Microsoft, Infinistream, Linux, Cisco, Extreme Networks, HP, F5, Fishnet, and others.

  • Global network and systems management

  • Responsible for high risk network changes (DNS, Load Balancing, Firewall)

  • Monitored and maintained positive server health (Windows and Linux)

  • Tasked and maintained “seven nines” uptime

  • Developed proprietary, weight based software to assist in server automation

  • Worked very with all customers, internal and external.

  • Responsible for alpha to beta to production switchovers

  • Resolution of integrated/complex incidents

  • Advanced troubleshooting of complex or otherwise unknown issues

  • Provide clear and efficient communication to IT staff and End Users

  • Proactively searched for vulnerabilities, intrusion and faults

  • Project management for Medium to global scale projects

  • Track resources, overcome physical and logical obstacles

  • Provide streamline methods and documentation for future use

  • Evaluate usage statistics for pattern matching and proactive support

  • Primary virtualization support representative and engineer

  • Provide network and application support for VMware deployment

  • Specialized in converting physical hardware to virtual

  • Document best known methods and Change management process

  • Developed automated techniques for VM deployment and conversion

Education and Accomplishments

  • 05/2013 - IEEE Presenter for the IEEE “Internet of Things” Belgium Conference.

    • Primary developer in a conceptual artificial intelligent datacenter provisioning application within the Intel datacenter. During testing this application re-structured the Folsom California datacenter, increasing capacity by 20%, recuperating over $6,000,000 in wasted space, cabling and analysis time.

  • 09/2012 - ITIL V2 and V3 Certification

  • 11/2009 - Awarded Innovation award from Dell for datacenter design. (Intel)

    • Primary project manager and network engineer to design a new rack mount solution that could be installed in locations previously occupied by manufacturing structures. Using a creative and effective design, I was able to increase high density rack utilization by over 40% using existing rack technology.

  • 11/2008 - Salvaged the New Mexico Intel datacenter build out (Intel)

    • At the start of the datacenter build out, the proposed budget was $50,000,000 and a timeline of 16 months. When I accepted the challenge, 9 months into the project, construction was only about 30% complete and massively over budget. Using a hands on, creative approach, I was able to complete the datacenter only one month over schedule and on budget.

  • 06/2007 - Bachelors of Science - Information Technology w/honors, GPA of 3.86

    • Emphasis in business management

  • 08/2005 - Associates of Applied Science – University Of Phoenix, GPA of 3.8

  • CompTIA Certified (A+)

WileyWolf Web Design

Most information on this page is for quick reference for me and my direct clients in regards to web hosting and application development. If you are interested in contacting me for a project, feel free to send me an email with a quick description of the project and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I can also provide a list of references, but only upon request.

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Most information on this page is for quick reference while I am storm chasing. Please keep this in mind, but feel free to geek out if you like. You can take a look at some of my work by clicking HERE.

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